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Welcome to Skating Club Copenhagen

Skating Club Copenhagen is currently accepting new members to our skating school and Funskate teams.

About the club

It is our goal to be a club in constant development. A club that offers each of its members competitive training, corresponding to the level of each individual skater, and to the ambitions of each skater.

Our progressive team structure gives possibilities for everyone to grow and to develop their own maximum skating potential.  Based on the basic values of our club, we aim to push the goals of increasing the skating skills of every member - and at the same time giving them a fun time.

In Skating Club Copenhagen there are possibilities for everyone, no matter what age or what skating skills you have. Everyone is welcome - beginners, boys, girls or adults.


We skate at Østerbro Skøjtehal. Our address is: Svendborggade 34-36, 2100 København Ø.

Fees and Payment

Fees are charged monthly on the first of the month. The monthly amount is a fixed quota and it is debited automatically through Holdsport. Additional fees may be charged for late or non payment of fees in the case the automated debit can not be processed. 

In addition to the monthly fees, all skaters must pay a yearly quota to be registered with the Danish Skating Union. It is mandatory to be registered with the Danish Skating Union for all skaters regardless of their level. 

There are some other fees which members may need to pay for example; monthly skate rental in the case of borrowing skates from the club, skate blade sharpening, competition entries, DSU test marks or program and patch hours.

Read more about prices and payment

If you have questions please contact:

Free Trial Lesson

We offer a free trial for our skating school teams. You need to sign up for the trial class in advance and wait for an invitation to join on a specific date. In order to sign up for the free trial class, you can click on the link below. We will contact you, to invite you to the next available trial class. 

 Register Now


If you want to cancel your membership or skate rental agreement, please email: or Members must give one full month's cancellation notice to the first of a month. This means if you give notice on the 2nd January, you will be charged for the full month of February or if you give notice on the 31st December, you will be charged for the full month of January.  You will continue to be a member and able to skate until the last day of the month of the last payment (February in the first example of January in the second example).

For any other membership enquiries, please email us at

Skates and equipment

Your skates are of course very important tools when you have to learn to be a good figure skater. The better your skates are (compared with your level), the easier it will be for you to learn the technique and the basics of figure skating.
Good quality ice skates have boots with nice and solid leather shafts and blades in a good quality, which corresponds to your skating skills. The coaches in our club will be happy to advise you and to tell you what is best for you.
You can also rent skates in the club. The price is 110 kr. per month.

  • Rental skates must be returned when the member either has no further need for skate rental in the case of purchasing their own skates, or they are stopping skating at SKK. Skates can only be returned once a month - see the next date for skate return on the front page of the website.
  • A member will continue paying full membership fees (not just the skate rental) until the skates have been returned
  • In the case of losing the rental skates or failure to return skates after the skater stops skating, the member will be invoiced 1500dkk.

To register for skate rental please click here:

Register Now

Once you have registered for skate rental, you can drop by the kiosk during kiosk opening hours to collect your skates. When you have found the right skates for you, you must update the Skate Number in your personal profile on Holdsport before you take home your newly hired skates.[


You must also purchase skate guards for your skates before you can take the skates home. Please continue reading for more information about caring for your skates. 

How to take care of your skates

It is important to take good care of your skates. It is therefore very important to remember your hard skate protectors when walking around outside the ice. After training, the blades must be wiped off, after which the soft skate protectors must be put on. 

Sharpening of skates

All skates, including rented skates, should be sharpened as needed – ask your coach if in doubt. The price is DKK 80 per time and grinding is done by contacting the kiosk. Rented skates will be freshly ground when they are handed out.

Buying skates

You can also buy new skates at the club. Contact the kiosk. There are usually good used skates for sale on the bulletin board or in the Club room.

Note! Make sure your skates are properly tied before you go on the ice! Then you get a lot more out of the training. Not sure how best to tie them? Then ask one of the sweet coaches that are always available.