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Corona guidelines in SKK (updated 10/06/2021, valid from 14/06/2021)

There is a maximum of 100 people per team (including coaches and helpers). All persons aged 18 and over must have a Coronapass showing a negative test result that is less than 72 hours old (the coaches will make random checks every day).


For all:


If you have had a Corona test because you are unwell or may have been in contact with someone else who has Corona, please do not come to skating until you have received a negative test result.


If your parish or municipality is closed down:

Please be even more careful, keep a distance and get tested often.


From June the 14th, masks are no longer mandatory.

Other rules:

Participation in training can only be done if you are registered in advance via Holdsport.

Access to indoor facilities is limited to what is absolutely necessary. People over the age of 17 should not be inside the rink unless they are part of the coaching team or required to facilitate or participate in the training. No parents to be inside changes rooms at any time. If children need assistance to tie their skates, this must be done in the lobby for funskate teams or the rink seats or lobby for skate school. Once the skates are tied, parents are asked to quickly leave the building and wait outside for the children.  

Skaters must only arrive in time to be ready for their training and should leave directly after training. 


Only exceptions for the above are: If a small child or a new skater has to rent or exchange skates at the kiosk.

Other things to remember: 

 • There is only one entrance to the indoor facilities at this stage. Everyone must enter and exit through the main entrance. 

 • There is a maximum of 12 people allowed in the each of the bigger change rooms (1 through to 4) and 6 people in each of the smaller changes rooms (5 and 6).

 • Changing rooms are only accessible to the specified teams. 

 • Our coaches may use facemasks in situations where they cannot avoid being close to many runners e.g. skate school. 

 • Always pay attention to instructions from the club's coaches and volunteers 

 • Wash/sanitise hands often and always on arrival or change of room. 

 • At the slightest sign of disease or suspected infection, stay at home. 

 • If there is a suspicion of infection in the home, stay at home. 

 • Always keep a distance both on and off the ice. 

 • If you are found to be infected, contact the club immediately.


Change room allocations/place to put on skates:

Omklædning 1 -  FreeTeens 1 og FunTeens Blue, Advanced and M Senior, Sport

Omklædning 2 -  M Novice, Advanced Junior and FunSport

Omklædning 3 – Advanced Springs, Debs and Novice, K3, Sport Ekstra

Omklædning 4 -  FreeTeens2 og FunTeens Pink

Omklædning 5 – FunK and FreeStars 2

Omklædning 6 -  FreeStars 1

Front foyer – Fun Stars (excluding FreeStars and Funk)

Skate school and adult teams – Front foyer or inside the skating hall

Entering the ice:

  • Skate school should be dressed and ready with skates on 10 minutes prior to their class starting. Your trainers will meet you inside the rink at this time. Look for the sign or flag with your team colour on it. The trainers will then get you on and off the ice safely.
  • FunStars will enter through the boxes on the changing room side of the rink. Please be dressed and sitting in the box waiting 5 minutes before your class starts. The trainers will then invite you onto the ice.
  • FunTeens, please wait at the allocated doors for the coaches to invite you onto the ice. Please ensure you enter via the correct door as your team is split into two separate groups.
  • K/M You'll meet immediately before training for warm up. Be aware of the number in the hall on days of skating school/funskaters classes when you warm up. Please ensure you enter through your designated door.
  • Adults please wait and enter through the boxes on the changing room side of the rink.
  • Sports should enter the ice as per instructrions from the trainers.


Where should I enter and exit the ice?