Welcome to Skating Club Copenhagen

Skating Club Copenhagen is currently accepting new members. If you want to come for a free trial lesson, please contact us at info@sk-kbh.dk. Thank you!
About the club

It is our goal to be a club in constant development. A club that offers each of its members competitive training, corresponding to the level of each individual skater, and to the ambitions of each skater.

Our progressive team structure gives possibilities for everyone to grow and to develop their own maximum skating potential. 

Based on the basic values of our club, we aim to push the goals of increasing the skating skills of every member - and at the same time giving them a fun time.

In Skating Club Copenhagen there are possibilities for everyone, no matter what age or what skating skills you have.

Everyone is welcome - beginners, boys, girls or adults.

Currently we skate at the interim rink called Østre Skøjtehal. The address is: Sionsgade 15, 2100 København Ø.

See our prices under "Nyt medlem", "Kontingent".

Enrollment (indmeldelse) must be done after your trial lesson. Please sign in at the kiosk at the rink and then electronically via the website. Here you sign up for the team you want to join and also for skate rental and deposit for skate rental. You also have to pay a yearly fee to the Danish Skating Union (DSU). 

If you have questions please contact: info@sk-kbh.dk

If you want to cancel your membership, please email: kasserer@sk-kbh.dk. We have a one month cancellation notice. You are a member until you cancel your membership. 

Skates and equipment

Your skates are of course very important tools when you have to learn to be a good figure skater. The better your skates are (compared with your level), the easier it will be for you to learn the technique and the basics of figure skating.
Good quality ice skates have boots with nice and solid leather shafts and blades in a good quality, which corresponds to your skating skills. The coaches in our club will be happy to advise you and to tell you what is best for you.
You can also rent skates in the club. The price is 110 kr. per month, plus a deposit (500 kr.) 
A rent agreement ("Lejeaftale") has to be filled out and given to the club together with the deposit, to be able to rent the skates.
You are required to use skate blade guards at all time when using the skates to/from the rink. 

You can get help and information in the club if you want to buy new or used skates.

Maintenance of skates

To keep skating well the skates have to be sharpened at least twice per season.

The price for this is 80 kr. (each time).

Contact the kiosk, when it is time for your skates to be sharpened.